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Police helicopter footage showing hare coursers

Cambridgeshire police crack-down on hare coursing Credit: ITV News Anglia

Cambridgeshire police say they're sending a message to illegal hare coursers by crushing the cars of anyone caught taking part.

Hare coursing was banned 10 years ago, but gangs of criminals are still trespassing on private farmland - betting on the outcome as dogs are set on hares.

Cambridgeshire police used cameras hidden in bushes as part of their campaign to catch people taking part, they also used the police helicopter to track down gangs of hare coursers.

Click below to watch helicopter footage - filmed by Cambridgeshire police.

Farmers say illegal hare coursers are 'intimidating and frightening' when they trespass on their land

Illegal hare coursers are 'intimidating and frightening' say farmers who have been faced with gangs of people trespassing on their land.

It comes as Cambridgeshire police say they'll deal a crushing blow on anyone who is taking part in the banned activity.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Sarah Beecroft


300-year-old horse chestnut tree in Buckinghamshire declared largest in the country

The veteran tree has a girth measurement of 7.33 metres. Credit: Roel Jacobs

A 300-year-old horse chestnut tree in the grounds of the country estate in Buckinghamshire has been declared the largest in the country.

The veteran tree on the National Trust's Hughenden estate has a girth of 7.33 metres, making it the largest horse chestnut tree in the UK on the National Tree Register.

The Hughenden tree has taken the crown from a horse chestnut in Hampshire, which is 5 inches smaller.

Tougher legislation needed to punish those who target birds of prey

Hundreds of birds of prey were either shot or poisoned last year - many of them here in our region.

The figures are revealed in a report by the RSPB which says that buzzards and red kites were among those illegally killed.

It says tougher legislation is needed to punish those who deliberately target birds of prey.

Click below to watch Claire McGlasson's report:


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