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Cambridge among the "healthiest" High Streets in the UK, while Northampton doesn't fare so well...

Cambridge city centre. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Cambridge has one of the "healthiest" High Streets in the country according to the Royal Society for Public Health.

It came 7th out of 70 major towns and cities. Researchers looked at whether their High Streets encouraged a healthy lifestyle by measuring how many health centres, museums and leisure centres were there.

The "Healthiest" High Streets in the UK

  • 1.) Shrewsbury
  • 2.) Ayr
  • 3.) Salisbury
  • 4.) Perth
  • 5.) Hereford
  • 6.) Carlisle
  • 7.) Cambridge
  • 8.) Cheltenham
  • 9.) York
  • 10.) Bristol

In contrast, Northampton was named as the 5th "unhealthiest" High Street.

Preston came out on top in that particular list.

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Work finally starts on new development in Wellingborough

Artist Impression of the site in Welingborough Credit: Borough Council of Wellingborough

Work is finally due to start on the long awaited Stanton Cross development in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire today.

It'll increase the size of the town by a third - creating three thousand new homes, a new school, and shops and offices.

It's got the go-ahead after the council was given permission to use a crucial piece of land needed for the site's main road.

The project has been in the pipeline for nearly two decades.

Stanton Cross development Credit: Borough Council of Wellingborough

The cost of renting has risen across the east

The cost of renting has risen by around 10% in the east Credit: ITV News Anglia

The cost of renting a house in East Anglia has risen by the highest amount in any region over the last five years.

The average tenant in East Anglia now pays £787 a month compared to £714 a month a year ago. Putting the rent rise at 10.2% year on year - the highest across the UK.

"The rental sector is carrying the weight of the housing crisis. More homes are needed to house an ever-growing population. The supply simply isn't there. The result is that landlords are catering to those who can't afford to buy as well as those who choose renting for the flexibility it offers them - workers moving into new jobs, or people wanting to get a feel for an area before committing to property ownership and setting down roots."

– Adrian Gill, Director of Estate Agents Reeds Rain and Your Move

Parking levy could be coming to Cambridge

Rush hour traffic remains a problem Credit: ITV

Businesses in Cambridge could be facing a parking levy to ease the city's congestion problems.

Councillors are looking into similar schemes in other cities in the UK, which require employers to purchase parking spaces for employees.

Last month councillors agreed a £180 million package of improvements to the city centre, which includes new cycle lanes and better bus routes.

Bedfordshire: Plans to expand Millbrook Proving Centre made public

Plans to expand the Millbrook Proving Centre in Bedfordshire will be made public today. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Plans to expand the Millbrook Proving Centre in Bedfordshire will be made public today.

At a launch event people will be able to see exactly what the new technology park will look like.

It's thought the expansion will create more than 1,000 jobs and bring more than £118million to the local economy.


Why Milton Keynes and Cambridge are creating more jobs and businesses faster than anywhere else

Milton Keynes has seen the largest growth in new jobs and businesses over the last decade, according to a study by the economic think-tank Centre for Cities.

Cambridge was also in the top three - just behind London.

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Milton Keynes leads the way in economy growth list

The Centre MK shopping centre. Credit: PA

A report out today has found that two of our region's cities have been named in the top three places to see the biggest growth to their economies.

Milton Keynes has come out on top as the best performing city in the UK over the last 10 years, with the highest increase in the number of jobs at 18%.

Cambridge has been placed third. Credit: PA

Cambridge has been placed third behind London with a 16% increase in its job market.

Martins calls for 16% council tax rise to pay for more police officers

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire is proposing a council tax rise of almost 16% to pay for more police officers in the county.

Olly Martins is consulting the public on the 15.85% increase. A referendum would be required to secure a rise of this scale. It would be held alongside the General Election on 7 May.

Mr Martins says the increase would pay for 100 additional officers until at least 2021, with a focus on more visible policing in the community, managing prolific offenders and protecting vulnerable people.

Click below to watch Olivia Paterson's interview with Olly Martins:

Tesco announces move as sales fall

Tesco is shutting its head office Credit: ITV News Anglia

Britain's biggest supermarket Tesco has unveiled it is moving its head office to Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire.

The restructuring comes as the company announced it will close 43 unprofitable stores as part of a raft of new measures.

Figures released today reveal like-for-like sales have dropped by 2.9% over the past five months.

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