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Independent inquiry to be launched into Norfolk school inspection allegations

Ofsted is to appoint an independent figure to look into claims that three Norfolk schools were given advance notice of inspections.

Ofsted says the inquiry is being put in place in the light of new evidence in relation to the inspections of the three schools run by the Inspiration Trust led by Dame Rachel de Souza.

An earlier investigation which was published a month ago, found no evidence to substantiate the allegations that the three schools in question had been given the dates of their Ofsted inspections.

Doodles on display: Why they're showing off scribbles at Cambridge University

Open many a text book in school and you're likely to find a doodle somewhere which has been drawn by the naughty child in class.

Text books with doodles Credit: ITV Anglia

Now scholars from Cambridge have spent five years reading between the lines and studying scribbles in Medieval texts.

They've created a new exhibition showing how some of their priceless works were used and abused by readers in the past.

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Growing concern of tooth decay in young children in our region

1 in 4 children in Wellingborough have tooth decay by the time they are 3-years-old according to Public Health England.

Now the health watchdog NICE wants local authorities to think about introducing supervised brushing in nurseries and primary schools.

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Prof Mike Kelly from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence spoke to ITV Anglia about the problem.

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Children to be given lessons in how to brush their teeth

Busy Bees Wellingborough already teach children about teeth.

New guidelines have been released to ensure schools show children how to brush their teeth.

Advisory body NICE said schools and nurseries need to help tackle the trend of tooth decay in children by introducing supervised brushing and fluoride varnishing programmes.

It comes after new figures from Public Health England revealed Wellingborough in Northamptonshire was the fourth worst place in England for children with tooth decay. Just under 30% of three-year-olds are affected.


NASA astronaut wows students

NASA astronaut Dr Stanley Love Credit: NASA

Pupils taking GCSE astronomy in Milton Keynes have been speaking to one of their heroes - NASA astronaut Dr Stanley Love.

He was at the Open University to talk about pursuing a career in space, and about his mission to the International Space Station in 2008.

Dr Love performed two space walks during the mission, travelling on board the space shuttle Atlantis.

University of Northampton sees more than 100 members join Credit Union in first year

The University of Northampton.

The University of Northampton says more than 100 members have joined its Credit Union in the first year.

It's among a handful of educational unions in the UK - and lets students, staff and graduates borrow at rates of just 1%. It's aimed to help students avoid high-interest loans.

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