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FA boss in Suffolk to talk sport

The chairman of the Football Association Greg Dyke has been touring sports facilities in Lowestoft which he hopes will ultimately help protect the future of the game.

He was looking around the new pavilion at Dip Farm and the all weather pitch at Kirkley and Pakefield Community sports and social club.

The FA says it is committed to investing in grassroots football and that these two projects are examples of the work that is going on to improve standards.

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Mammoth's tooth on display in new exhibition of pairs

Mammoth tooth on display at museum Credit: Polar Museum

A woolly mammoth's tooth and the bones of a finback whale are being put on show in an exhibition at the Polar Museum in Cambridge.

The items are among many that have been provided on loan from a number of museums run by the University of Cambridge.

Objects from the University's museums have been paired with items from the collections at the Polar Museum which is part of the university-run, Scott Polar Research Institute.

Called "The Thing Is", the aim is to help visitors understand why they were collected, what their meaning is and how they are cared for.

Mammoths lived between 5 million and 4,500 years ago and the tooth has been paired with a piece of scrimshaw, an ivory carving made by whalers.

Skeleton of a Finback Whale Credit: Polar Museum

This display highlights some exceptional examples of connections between the eight University of Cambridge Museums.

– Heather Lane, The Polar Museum

Ofsted: "Norfolk schools weren't tipped off about inspections"

The investigation was commissioned by Sir Michael Wilshaw. Credit: PA

Ofsted says that three schools in Norfolk were not tipped off about up-and-coming inspections.

Great Yarmouth Primary Academy, Thetford Academy and Ormiston Victory Academy denied the allegations that they received more than the regulation half-day notice.

An Ofsted report concluded that there was no evidence to support the original accusations.


School's out: all because the classroom's not ready

Most schools are a couple of weeks into the Autumn term, but at one primary in Northampton, some children still have not had a single lesson.

Delapre Primary School is growing year on year and building new classroom's to take in more pupils. But they are not ready yet, leaving the youngest children with nowhere to learn.

Click below to watch Olivia Paterson's report:

University of Cambridge rated as the joint-second best university in the world

The University of Cambridge. Credit: PA

The University of Cambridge has been ranked as the joint-second best university in the world, according to the latest QS World University Rankings.

Four of the top ten universities are now based in the UK, with Cambridge sharing second spot with Imperial College London.

The University of Cambridge was rated as the third best university in last year's league table.

The rankings cover a number of factors, including graduate employment and teaching standards.

QS World University Rankings 2014

  • 1.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  • 2.) University of Cambridge (UK)
  • 2.) Imperial College London (UK)
  • 4.) Harvard University (USA)
  • 5.) University of Oxford (UK)
  • 5.) University College London (UK)
  • 7.) Stanford University (USA)
  • 8.) California Institute of Technology (USA)
  • 9.) Princeton University (USA)
  • 10.) Yale University (USA)

Suffolk couple who lost their son to Meningitis raise awareness of symptoms

Caroline and Adrian Grove's son Cayden was just 20 days old when he fell ill in 2008.

A couple from Suffolk who lost their son to Meningitis are trying to raise awareness of the symptoms.

Caroline and Adrian Grove's son Cayden was just 20 days old when he fell ill in 2008 - but he was not diagnosed until it was too late, two days later he died.

They are supporting meningitis awareness week.

"Our son Cayden had late onset GBS, meningitis and septicaemia in 2008. He first showed signs of illness at 20 days old. He was cold, pale, panting and being sick after feeds. He was also very grumpy during the day, with a high pitched cry. We never knew these were signs of infection and the hospital staff didn't pick up on it (staying on SCBU due to prematurity). He crashed and the doctors gave him lots of medication to control blood pressure and ventilator. He was transferred the next day to a NICU in a bigger hospital. There the doctors found him to be unresponsive to touch, his eyes were not moving, he was not breathing for himself and the doctors felt that he was too poorly to recover. A scan the following day confirmed that he had severe brain damage and we removed life support. He passed away very quickly."

– Caroline and Adrian Grove.

An academic and student revolution 50 years on

The University of Essex is celebrating its 50th anniversary. 120 students started at the site near Colchester back in 1964. Since then the campus has expanded and 70,000 from more than 130 countries have graduated.

This past weekend alumni returned to their old haunt to reminisce.

Through the 1970s Essex University hit the headlines for its revolutionary students and protests. It also made news for its pioneering research in social sciences.

ITV News Anglia's Tanya Mercer reports

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