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Project launched to get more teens to go to University

Scheme to encourage more students to go University Credit: ITV News Anglia

A new scheme's being launched today to get more of Norfolk's teenagers to go to university.

The one year pilot is backed by all 34 of the county's sixth forms and colleges.

This morning more than two hundred 16 and 17-year-olds will attend a networking event to encourage them to go on to further education.

Local celebrities Stephen Fry and Jake Humphries have lent their support.

"As someone who got to university the hard way - partly through the faith and support of a Norfolk FE College, I know what it takes to do well and succeed. I welcome this focussed systematic attempt by headteachers, principals and the County Council to minimise for all the barriers to achieving places at university, particularly on competitive courses."

– Stephen Fry

The new Higher Education Scheme aims to boost overall participation at universities, as well as recruiting more Norfolk young people to the top "high-demand" universities and courses nationally.

All of the county's sixth forms and college providers are committed to the project, which will see nominated staff work with targeted students, linking them with colleges and universities that support their strengths and interests.

1001 critical days: Giving children the best start in life

The first 1001 days from conception to the age of two are critical to a child's development. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Northamptonshire has become the first county to sign up to a new initiative aimed at giving children the best possible start in life.

It's called the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto which says the first two years from conception are critical for a child's development.

The project will link up midwives, health visitors, doctors and children's centres in Northamptonshire along with parents.

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Norfolk student meets the Queen and is given an award

A Norfolk student has received an award at Sandringham House from none other than the Queen.

Hannah Hodges, who's 19 was joined by her parents and younger sister Niamh to get the award for outstanding academic achievement.

It's the 151 year that a monarch has awarded a gold medal to a student from King Edward VII Academy in King's Lynn.

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Police team up with College to recruit more Special Constables

Cambridge Regional College and Cambridgeshire police Credit: Cambridgeshire police

Cambridgeshire police is working with Cambridge Regional College to increase its numbers of Special Constables.

The college has joined the Employer Supported Policing initiative to inspire people to become special constables.

The partnership will mean active support from college staff who become specials, including five days a year paid leave for duties and training.

"The College's fantastic Police Academy already demonstrates really positive work between the college and the Constabulary and this initiative takes us on to another level. We are delighted that CRC has become one of the first colleges in the country, and the first in the county, to support the Special Constabulary in such a positive way."

– Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hopkins

"The students are benefitting hugely from working with the police through our Police Academy and many of them will be applying for the Special Constabulary."

– CRC Principal Anne Constantine


Cambridge prisoner of war's Christmas letters

One of John Crook's letters. Credit: St John's College, University of Cambridge.

Christmas letters written by a Cambridge academic while he was a prisoner of war have been published for the first time.

John Crook wrote the notes at the age of 22 after being captured in Italy during the Allied landings in 1943.

They are described as "unyieldingly positive" despite the notoriously tough conditions at the Stalag Luft VIII-B camp.

In one letter, he optimistically predicted he and his fellow prisoners would "do all right" over the festive season thanks to a supply of Red Cross parcels, and plenty of fuel and entertainment.

His correspondence is now available to view online through the St John's College archives.

Schools interrupt lessons to watch astronaut Tim Peake

The rocket carrying British astronaut Tim Peake headed off to the International Space Station earlier today.

The nation held its breath when the Soyuz space capsule lifted off from Kazakhstan this morning.

Schools across our region interrupted lessons so pupils could watch history being made.

Natalie Gray was at one which will do a live link-up with "Major Tim" in February as he orbits the earth.

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