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Parliament Education Service to support Election 2015 School Debate project

650 MPs will be elected to the House of Commons on Thursday May 7, 2015. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

The Parliament Education Service has announced it is supporting ITV News Anglia's Election 2015 School Debate project.

It will providing schools with access to relevant films and resources, useful information for holding a debate, running a mock election and plenty more.

The Parliament Education Service works closely with schools and students to inform, engage and empower young people to understand - and get involved in - parliament, politics and democracy.

"The ITV Regional News 'Election 2015 School Debate' project is a great way to help children build debating skills and engage them with the political process, which is especially relevant in this General Election year."

– Holly Greenland, Parliament's Learning Resources Manager.

Click here to head to Parliament's Education Service website where you'll find all the debate and election resources relevant for your school.

To find out more about the ITV News Anglia Election 2015 School Debate, click here.


What's the best way to keep fit and healthy after Christmas?

It happens to most of us.

Despite the determination not to over indulge, Christmas can often see a tightening of the waistband and the New Year started with a resolution to shed those extra pounds.

But with so many different DVD's promising to be the best at fighting the flab, what is the best way to get fit and healthy, and make sure the motivation lasts beyond January?

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Victoria Lampard


Hundreds respond in consultation proposing closure of some children's centres

Consultation into plans to change children's services in Northamptonshire, ends today Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nearly 700 people have commented in a consultation over plans to close some children's centres in Northamptonshire and 124 people have been to 10 public meetings.

The County Council wants to change the way it delivers children's services by using other buildings such as libraries, instead.

Some parents have criticised the plans saying they wont get the help they need.

The consultation closes today and the comments will considered by the council in February, with any changes approved by councillors introduced in April.

There have been 10 public meetings as part of the consultation process Credit: ITV News Anglia

Kahmal's story: Returning to school after exclusion

ITV News Anglia has produced a series of reports on the education of children and young people after exclusion from school.

18-year-old Kahmal Sealey from Norwich has turned his life around after being permanently excluded from school.

Kahmal went to the Short Stay School for Norfolk two years ago, after his behaviour got him into serious trouble. He and his father feared the worst, but the trauma of being kicked out of school was just the beginning of Kahmal's transformation.

Click below to watch the report by ITV News Anglia Education Correspondent Elodie Harper

Destiny's story: facing exclusion as a teenager

Life as a teenager can be difficult and confusing - even more so when you are excluded from school.

In the second of our series of reports on education after exclusion, we meet 15 year old Destiny. She tells us what life is like when you go to a school where all your classmates have been excluded too.

And her head teacher tells ITV News that increasing numbers of children are being kicked out, as schools struggle to improve their results.

Click below to watch Elodie Harper's report:

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