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'Pigs Gone Wild' art trail launches in Ipswich

Some of the sculpture pigs which will be seen on the Pigs Gone Wild trail

A new art trail is being launched in Ipswich this morning.

'Pigs Gone Wild' is an interactive art trail which will see 39 sculpture pigs located across Ipswich for ten weeks.

The event will help raise money for the St Elizabeth Hospice charity.

The interactive sculpture trail features pigs including Ed Sheer-Ham, Elvis Porksley, Porkman Road and The Trotters Pig.

It’s a fantastic venue, full of history and culture which is quite fitting as we hope the Pigs Gone Wild trail will teach people a bit of history and culture about Ipswich.

It was great to see sponsors and artists all in one room and have one final get together before we launch the trail.

The excitement really is building and everyone cannot wait for the highly-anticipated reveal of their pigs on Monday!

– Norman Lloyd, Pigs Gone Wild Project Manager


Cambridge restaurant manager says buskers are driving customers away

Stazione restaurant in Market Square Credit: ITV News Anglia

A business owner in Cambridge says buskers playing outside his restaurant are driving his customers away.

The manager of Stazione restaurant in Market Square says the musicians make too much noise and that the crowds they draw block the path outside his premises.

But buskers say they have the right to play where they like.

One time we managed to get a full crowd of people, all videoing, watching, dancing along and it was great fun.

I think everyone enjoys it and it just brings a good atmosphere.

– Ben, Busker

Midsummer Fair returns to Cambridge

Fairground rides were banned after a woman was injured in a bonfire night event. Credit: ITV Anglia

Cambridge's centuries-old Midsummer Fair gets under way later.

Though this year there won't be any fairground rides. The council banned them after a woman was injured at a bonfire night event on the Common last November.

The annual gathering dates back to the reign of King John.

Lights, camera, action! Hospital secretary from Norfolk turns showgirl

VIdeo report by ITV News Anglia's Natalie Gray.

A woman who's worked as a hospital secretary for 25 years is getting ready for her big break as one of the stars of a seaside variety show.

Marea Smithson, who lives near Dereham in Norfolk, was hoping to make it big after appearing as in Britain's Got Talent four years ago.

But now, at the age of 52 she's finally got her chance.

Marea Smithson

It's fabulous, but there are times when I think is this really happening.

When I am up on the stage, it's lovely and I really enjoy it.

– Marea Smithson


Young Norfolk actor takes on new Potter role

Sam Clemmett is 22. Credit: Harry Potter the Play

A young actor from Norwich takes to the stage this week in JK Rowling's new Harry Potter play.

Sam Clemmett, who's 22, will take on the role of Albus Severus, Harry's middle child, in 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'.

The show which is already a sell out opens at the Palace Theatre at the end of July but previews start tomorrow.

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