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Bacton Gas Terminal wants help to protect it from the next storm surge

The owners of the Bacton Gas Terminal in Norfolk are holding talks over ways to safeguard the plant from coastal erosion.

Last year's tidal surge caused cliff falls, and now the owners are working with North Norfolk District Council to find ways of protecting the site.

About a quarter of the UK gas supply currently enters the country through the plant.

Nearby communities support the campaign, but want to make sure they're not ignored.

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Warning of possible road closures after fire burns for 12 days

A fire in Cambridgeshire that's been burning for 12 days could force road closures. Credit: Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service

There are warnings of potential road closures on the A505 in Cambridgeshire near a fire in a recycling centre that's been burning for 12 days.

The blaze at the Bridge Foot Quarry at Flint Cross between Duxford and Royston started on 13 November and could burn for another 10 days.

The road was closed in the early hours of Tuesday morning as a mixture of smoke and fog obscured the carriageway.

The Fire Service says it's possible further that short notice closures may be needed in the future.

A considerable quantity of the material has now burnt, however, the fog and rain have considerably slowed down the burning process. We therefore anticipate the fire will continue to burn in a similar way to how it has been for the next seven to 10 days. We then predict the fire will progressively subside over a period of time.

– Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service


Plans move forward for new nature reserve

The Wildlife Trust in Northamptonshire has released a mock-up image of the visitor centre for Northamptonshire's newest nature reserve.

How the new visitor centre could look Credit: The Wildlife Trust

The eco building will be zero energy, featuring a green roof to absorb rainwater, provide insulation and create a habitat for wildlife.

Part of the £50 million Rushden Lakes Scheme, it is hoped that the new reserve will provide a good habitat for birds that fly south to the UK for winter.

It is due to open to the public in 2016.


Are investors losing confidence in renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a multi million pound business in the Anglia region.

We have some of the country's largest windfarms off our coastline and there has been considerable growth in solar farms and other renewable technology.

But there is a warning that investors could be losing confidence in the sector and that could have a knock on effect on our region.

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Fishermen say they need to be able to catch more fish for the industry to survive

Fishermen in Suffolk say they need to be able to catch more fish, if the industry is to survive.

They're backing calls by Greenpeace for more of the quota, which is allocated by Brussels, to be given to local fishermen.

An investigation by the campaign group suggest that much of the quota is held by a small number of foreign controlled fishing businesses.

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Suffolk fisherman speaks after concerns that local quotas are too low

Kirk Stribling, Aldeburgh fisherman Credit: ITV News Anglia

A Suffolk fisherman has joined concerns that local smaller scale fishermen are not being given enough quota.

It comes after the environmental group, Greenpeace carried out an investigation which found that more than two fifths of England's quota for the fish it can catch is held by foreign-controlled fishing businesses.

Greenpeace is now urging the Government to give more quota to local fishermen, whose activities have a lower impact on the environment which benefits coastal communities and marine wildlife.

Aldeburgh, Suffolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

"The Government is not giving a fair share of quota to local fishermen who look after the sea and our communities. We fish sustainably and seasonally and we benefit our communities by selling our catch to local fishmongers and restaurants; we bring business to local net makers, boat builders and engineering companies and we keep tourism going."

– Kirk Stribling, Fisherman, Aldeburgh, Suffolk
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