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DNA linked to obesity

Cambridge researchers say the old adage of having a slow metabolism making you fat does have a scientific basis.

Professor Sadaf Farooqi, University of Cambridge Credit: ITV Anglia

A team of researchers discovered that your DNA can slow your metabolism which can lead to obesity.

However they say less than one in one hundred people are affected.

The research found the amount and types of food eaten, as well as levels of exercise, directly affect weight, but some people at more risk of becoming obese that others and obesity can run in families.

It's hoped that the work could eventually lead to a new treatment for people who can't control their weight.

Recruitment timebomb for doctors and nurses in East Anglia

NHS in crisis: the recruitment timebomb the Anglia region where half the GPs and a quarter of nurses are nearing retirement. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Health professionals have issued a stark warning about a recruitment crisis in some parts of the Anglia region where half the GPs and a quarter of nurses are nearing retirement.

Some fear than many GP surgeries in our region could be forced to close as hundreds of key staff will soon end their careers.

A report by the Mid and South Essex sustainability and transformation partnership estimates half of the GP workforce and a quarter of the nursing workforce in the county could retire by the year 202.

GPs surgeries there are currently only able to meet 83% of the demand for appointments.

Doctors have criticised the government for not doing enough to tackle high workloads and poor morale in the profession but the government says plans are in place to cope

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The life and death story of two sisters with cystic fibrosis

Sisters Nicki and Michelle Williams had cystic fibrosis but Michelle died before a lung donor could be found.

A family from Northamptonshire are urging more people to sign up to the organ donor register.

Two sisters from Kettering, who grew up battling cystic fibrosis, were put on the waiting list for a lung transplant.

Nicki Williams got the call but sister Michelle died before a match could be found.

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Coping with twins and triplets deserves special treatment

Coping with being pregnant with twins and triplets is tough. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Coping with being pregnant with twins and triplets is tough.

The Rosie Maternity Unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge has introduced a range of new measures to help families expecting more than one bundle of joy.

The Rosie has been working with TAMBA, the Twins and Multiple Births Association to refine the care it gives. Improvements include a designated ultrasound clinic so expectant mums see the same staff every visit.

Patients now also benefit fromTwin Pregnancy Growth Charts - a world first launched in the UK with the help of Tamba. Previously hospitals plotted twins' growth on charts designed for single babies leaving clinicians to decide how they were progressing.

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Charity warns social care system is in 'crisis'

A leading charity has warned budget cuts are leaving older people living in misery and the social care system in crisis.

Age UK has hit out at what it believes is a lack of government spending in a new report condemning official policy.

According to the report, the average spend on social care per adult has fallen by 13% since 2010 and 400,000 fewer older people have received the help they need in that time.

Family say Bedford hospital partly responsible for pensioners death

Bedford Hospital says its carrying out a full investigation into the death of a pensioner who caught an infection while having chemotherapy for cancer.

The family of Diane Lorraine believe the treatment she received at Bedford Hospital was partly responsible for her death.

Diane's husband says she was placed next to a patient with a chest infection, which he believes she contracted leading to her death.

The hospital says "patient safety is of the highest importance" and that they are currently carrying out a full internal investigation which has involved meeting with the family to listen to, and discuss, their complaint.

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