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Kidney cancer: 70% of people didn't feel unwell prior to diagnosis

70 per cent of people with kidney cancer didn't feel unwell before diagnosis according to research from a Cambridge charity.

Kidney Cancer UK is supporting an awareness week to highlight the need for early screenings.

Recent figures show cases are rising with 4,200 people losing their battle to the disease.

Did not feel unwell prior to diagnosis
  • 25% only felt unwell because of an unrelated illness
  • 19% were diagnosed via A & E
  • 46% of people are diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 too late
  • 43% diagnosed through unrelated medical scan

Survival from kidney cancer decreases greatly for the later stages. The charity is calling for a more cost effective national ultrasound programme to be made available at around 50.

Their teams are working on the viability of such a programme and what is the best age have the scan.



Cameron takes up role as president of Cambridge charity

David Cameron is the new president of the Cambridge-based charity. Credit: PA/ITV News Anglia

The former Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he's to become president of Cambridge-based charity Alzheimer's Research UK.

Mr Cameron revealed the news in The Times today, and will take up the position immediately.

He wrote that there needs to be greater funding for dementia research, as well as a more open discussion around the condition.

"We must win the battle for priorities," he said.

"Cancer research and stroke research deserve all their funding - but dementia shouldn't be so far behind."

"Dementia steals people's lives, turns their relationships upside down, destroys their hopes and dreams. We owe it to them, their families and their carers to find a solution."

The role is the second that Mr Cameron has taken since standing down following the EU referendum last year.

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