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Experts teach the public how to save a life

Watch a report by ITV Anglia's Matthew Hudson:

Experts have spent the weekend in a Norfolk town trying to teach more people how to save a life.

This country has the poorest record in Europe when it comes to the number of people who recover following a cardiac arrest.

So staff at the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service have been teaching people what to do when someone's heart stops beating.


Norfolk set to close dozens of children's centres

Norfolk County Council is proposing the closure of 46 of its 53 children's centres. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Most of the children's centres in Norfolk look set to be closed under plans being put forward by the county council.

If approved, only seven of the 53 centres would remain when the new contracts starts in September 2019.

More than 20,000 parents and children under five currently use the centres.

The council says it wants to spend its resources on frontline services rather than buildings. Earlier this year councillors agreed to reduce the annual budget for children's centres from £10 million to £5 million.

“We want to get the right help to children and families as early as possible and create services that are fit for today’s families.

“About a quarter of those families who live in areas of greatest need are not accessing children’s centre services at the moment and we want to develop a service that gives them the support and help they need for their children.

– Penny Carpenter, Chairman of the Children’s Services Committee at Norfolk County Council

Confusing the symptoms of heart disease with the signs of growing old

People may be missing the signs of heart valve disease. Credit: ITV News

Doctors are warning people may be missing the symptoms of heart valve disease because they can be similar to the signs of growing older.

It's a condition that can kill and women are particularly at risk with 30% not having the necessary checks which can identify the problem.

A shortness of breath, dizziness and sudden weight gain can be some of the symptoms.

"A lot of the symptoms are put down to growing old, if you become tired, if you can't walk like you used to do, if you have a nap in the afternoon, all those are very subtle things about ageing.

"But for a proportion of those people it's actually their heart that is causing the problem, their heart that's slowing them down."

– Chris Young, Consultant
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