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1001 critical days: Giving children the best start in life

The first 1001 days from conception to the age of two are critical to a child's development. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Northamptonshire has become the first county to sign up to a new initiative aimed at giving children the best possible start in life.

It's called the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto which says the first two years from conception are critical for a child's development.

The project will link up midwives, health visitors, doctors and children's centres in Northamptonshire along with parents.

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Norfolk hospital first in the country to offer scans to spot breech babies

The hand-held scanner being used Credit: Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

A Norfolk hospital will be the first in the country to offer an ultrasound scan, to help spot breech babies before they are born.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital currently delivers 6,000 babies a year and more than 150 full term breech babies. It has now been given funding for 25 hand held scanners. It will mean safer births for women who don't know if their baby is in a head down position.

“We will be scanning all the women arriving during labour and those who come in for induction.

When we discover a breech early on it means a woman can speak to an obstetrician and discuss options in relation to their individual needs.

Some of them can go on to give birth normally and others may decide to have a caesarean.”

– Jo Keable, Practice Development Midwife
The hand-held scanner Credit: Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Babies normally position themselves ready for birth around 33 weeks. If they haven’t turned by labour, then the birth can be more difficult and more distressing for the baby.

Family hope to raise awareness of daughter's rare form of epilepsy

Jess is now back on medication and recovering well

A mum and dad from Northamptonshire are on mission to raise awareness about their daughter's condition, after she stopped breathing last week.

Three-year-old Jess Adams from Wellingborough has a rare form of epilepsy- which means she has seizures that are sometimes hard to spot.

Her first was at 13 months old - and after 8 weeks in hospital, she was diagnosed with a genetic mutation called PCDH19 Epilepsy.

Jess' parents are now raising money for the PCDH19 alliance charity. They want to make as many people aware of the condition as possible.

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Hospitals face extreme pressure as weather gets colder

Hospitals say the cold weather is putting them under pressure Credit: ITV News Anglia

Hospitals in Northamptonshire say the cold weather is putting them under extreme pressure.

Both Kettering and Northampton General say they're seeing large numbers of people who are acutely ill and need high priority care.

In addition, patients are also coming to casualty with minor injuries that they say could have been treated more appropriately by other NHS services such as 111, pharmacies or GPs.


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