It seems we're also sharing our unhealthy eating habits with our pets.

How many of our pets are overweight?

It's an established fact that as a nation we're getting bigger. But it seems we're also sharing our unhealthy eating habits with our pets.

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Campaigners walk from Ipswich to Norwich in protest against cuts to mental health services

The campaigners staging their protest.
The campaigners staging their protest. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Campaigners have been walking from Ipswich to Norwich in protest against cuts to mental health services.

They claim services are struggling to cope with long delays for people heading towards a psychiatric crisis who are then offered care in a unit hundreds of miles away.

They will be sending letters to all Norfolk and Suffolk MPs.

Emma Corlett from Unison.
Emma Corlett from Unison. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"People in Norfolk and Suffolk in mental health crisis, due to a lack of beds, are finding themselves having to be transferred away as far as Darlington, Manchester, Somerset and even Scotland," Emma Corlett from Unison told ITV News Anglia.

"If this happened in physical health, for example if somebody had a stroke and that was the nearest Accident and Emergency bed, we believe that our MPs would quite rightly be falling over themselves to say that immediate action needs to be taken."


Campaigner: High pollution levels 'pose health risks'

The Healthy Air campaign warns the high pollution levels affecting parts of the UK are "extremely dangerous" and pose "health risks".

Maria Arnold told Daybreak:"It can increase risks of heart attacks, strokes and asthma attacks, so it's something people need to be aware of."

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Health warning as pollution hits highest levels

Air pollution is forecast to hit the highest levels in East Anglia on Wednesday Credit: Defra/Met Office

There are further health warnings for the Anglia region as air pollution is forecast to hit high or very high levels for the third consecutive day. Vulnerable people are being advised not to take exercise outdoors.

The government warning from the Met Office and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) says:

"For England and Wales, Moderate to High air pollution levels are forecast for central and southeast England, to the south and east of a line from around The Wash to Cheshire to east Devon, with local Very High levels expected in parts of East Anglia and the East Midlands.

"This is due to light easterly winds continuing to bring in pollutants and allow local pollutants to remain close to source. There may also be some component due to Saharan dust."

Click here for government health advice

Latest weather forecast for the Anglia region

Air pollution levels rising in warm spring weather

Pollution levels are rising in the fine weather Credit: Frank May/DPA/Press Association Images

The Met Office is forecasting moderate to high air pollution levels over many parts of the country over the next few days. They could rise to very high in some urban areas.

Winds from the south east have been dragging in air pollution from the Continent which can be exacerbated by the sunshine. Temperatures are also well above average at 18-21°C

Click here for Defra's air pollution forecast

There's the added risk of sand and dust from the Sahara being deposited in the UK after being lifted high into the atmosphere and blown over. The dust has already been seen in the south of England in the early hours of Sunday.

Click here for the full Anglia Weather forecast


Investment for local hospitals

It's been revealed that some of the region's biggest hospitals will benefit from new investment to help them cope with huge increases in the number of patients.

The Norfolk and University Hospital is to spend 20 million pounds over the next few years, while there are plans to create an urgent care hub at Ipswich Hospital and possibly one at Bury St Edmunds.

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Selfie pictures raising a small fortune

The craze for women taking pictures of themselves without make-up has helped one charity raise a small fortune in just one week.

The no-make up selfie, as it's called, has really taken off in a big way, and most of the women posting pictures of themselves have donated to Cancer Research UK.

Lots of the money will go to its research base in Cambridge

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