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NHS70: Becky Jago talks to Dame Clare Marx - watch the full interview

Have you ever wondered what those that work in the top jobs in our hospitals really think of our healthcare system?

A consultant orthopaedic surgeon for much of her career - Dame Clare Marx was also elected the first female President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

She's returned to Ipswich Hospital as associate medical director, where Becky Jago caught up with her recently to hear about how how the NHS has changed, being a woman in medicine, what she thinks about Brexit, our politicians, and how to convince people that the NHS is worth, not just fighting for, but working for..

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70 years since the start of the NHS in the Anglia region

The National Health Service is celebrating 70 years since it was created.

The National Health Service is celebrating 70 years since it was created.

There's no doubt healthcare has improved vastly since the inception of the NHS on 5 July 1948.

Back then there were 34 deaths per 1,000 births - now the infant mortality rate has dropped to fewer than four per 1,000 births.

On average, people now live at least 12 years longer than they did in 1948.

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Hospitals merge to create biggest NHS Trust in East Anglia

Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals have now formally merged Credit: ITV News Anglia

Two of our hospitals have officially merged today (Sunday 1 July) to create the biggest NHS trust in East Anglia.

Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals will now be working together as part of the East Suffolk and North East Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

The hospitals already share a Chief Executive and Chairman.

Health bosses say the merger will help save services that might otherwise have been under threat.


Suffolk transplant girl's celebrity appeal sees thousands join donor register

Suffolk singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran joined Jasmi's campaign to get more people to join the transplant register.

When seven-year-old Jasmi Lindberg Cooke's cancer returned in 2017, doctors said a blood stem cell transplant was her best hope of survival.

There was no match available for the little girl from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

The charity DKMS then put out the appeal JoinforJasmi urging people to join the donor register. It gathered celebrity support, including Ed Sheeran. It led to thousands more people joining the donor register.

It's six months since Jasmi's successful transplant,

  • Click to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Elodie Harper

DNA linked to obesity

Cambridge researchers say the old adage of having a slow metabolism making you fat does have a scientific basis.

Professor Sadaf Farooqi, University of Cambridge Credit: ITV Anglia

A team of researchers discovered that your DNA can slow your metabolism which can lead to obesity.

However they say less than one in one hundred people are affected.

The research found the amount and types of food eaten, as well as levels of exercise, directly affect weight, but some people at more risk of becoming obese that others and obesity can run in families.

It's hoped that the work could eventually lead to a new treatment for people who can't control their weight.

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