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Domestic abuse victim speaks about abusive relationship

Last year Essex Police recorded around 28 thousand domestic abuse incidents. Credit: PA Images

More than 42,000 incidents of domestic abuse were recorded across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk last year.

One community housing group in Braintree is raising awareness in the hope of encouraging more victims to speak out.

ITV Anglia's Hannah Pettifer went to meet one woman who was in an abusive relationship for two years - her words are spoken by an actor to protect her identity.

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Help and support available for domestic abuse victims:

Help for Domestic Violence

Women's Aid


National Domestic Violence Helpline

Family of Luton man left on life support launch campaign to raise awareness of violence

'Selfie' photo campaign.

The family of a man from Luton have launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of violence, a year after he was allegedly beaten into a coma.

Henry Huggins has yet to regain consciousness following the attack in the Farley Hill area of the town.

Hundreds of people have already taken part in a 'selfie' photo campaign - his family say they want to keep him in everybody's minds.



Suffolk Ebola victim described poverty in Africa

Suffolk ebola victim William Pooley told of Sierra Leone's poverty and his brushes with the country's political elite shortly before he was struck down by the potentially deadly virus.

Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London Credit: PA Images
High Secure Infectious Disease Unit at The Royal Free Hospital, London Credit: PA Images

In a moving email printed in the Eyke village newsletter, he described in vivid detail his first impressions of the west African country which he had travelled to for a six-month volunteering stint at a hospice in the capital Freetown.

The 29-year-old nurse was helping to treat locals suffering from Aids, a disease which, according to the UN, 57,000 people live with and remains a lasting legacy of the country's decade-long bloody civil war.

At one village meeting Mr Pooley was confronted with armed guards, singled out by dancing "devils" because of his white skin and sampled the hospitality of the well-heeled locals made rich from the country's controversial diamond mining industry.

After pushing through a crowd outside the house we were ushered inside by police with AK47s.

The host, rich and influential thanks to diamonds, had his house boys serve us cans of ice-cold, European lager.

The deputy leader of the APC (All People's Congress) was there, apparently the second most powerful politician in the country.

– William Pooley

He told how he was treated to a show from the "devils" - locals in an assortment of costumes, their faces painted or covered with wooden masks.

The devils danced wildly to drums and gourd shakers and drew quite a crowd...As the only white face in the crowd, the devils singled me out for harassment.

In order to escape from under their hay and frock skirts I had to give them small change. It was all in good humour.

– William Pooley

But it was not all colourful entertainment and Mr Pooley also revealed the poverty and poor sanitation which blight so many lives there.

The houses are all mud-sand and palm thatch, the water is from one communal well and, of course, there is no electricity.

– William Pooley

The account was printed by his mother Jackie Pooley, who said her son had been touched by the tales of "horror" of those caught up in the country's civil war, which ended in 2002.

William Pooley is being treated in the High Secure Infectious Disease Unit at The Royal Free Hospital, London.

First British Ebola victim is from Suffolk, doctor reveals

William Pooley is loaded into a Royal Air Force (RAF) ambulance. Credit: Reuters

It's been confirmed a man who contracted the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone is from Suffolk.

Volunteer nurse William Pooley from Woodbridge is the first British national to contract the virus.

He was named by Dr Robert Garry, an American scientist who worked at the same hospital as him in the west Africa country.

He's been flown back to the UK where he'll be treated in a high-level isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Thousands raised for Northampton charity through ice bucket challenge

It's an internet sensation which started in the States, and has raised $53m million dollars for charity

Now the ice bucket challenge has been chucked over the pond, and is fast raising funds for a Northampton based charity, the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Norwich City and Ipswich Town footballers are among the celebrities who've joined in.

The concept is simple - participants are challenged to throw a bucket of ice water over their heads before passing the challenge on to 3 other people who can avoid this by donating to the charity instead. Though most do both.

The challenge has gone viral as people are encouraged to film and post the challenge online

So far more than £200,000 pounds has been raised - but the craze shows no sign of stopping yet.

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