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House Prices rise in the East

East Anglia and the East Midlands have seen house prices rise month-on-month by 0.2%. Across the country house prices have risen at their fastest rate in more than six years.

Monthly prices have risen in East Anglia and the East Midlands Credit: PA

Prices recorded a 0.5% month-on-month increase in September, marking the highest monthly increase seen since May 2007, property analysts Hometrack said.

The report follows similar findings from Nationwide building society last week, which reported evidence that the market pick-up "is becoming increasingly broad-based".


The latest with Graham Cole on changing jobs in later life

Watch the latest in our series with the former actor from The Bill, Graham Cole, as he meets people from the region who have had a change in career later in life.

This time Graham's in north Norfolk, meeting a man who used to be responsible for thousands of airport passengers, but swapped it for a more peaceful, and picturesque, form of transport.

More good news for East Anglia's homeowners

House prices have continued to rise in East Anglia Credit: PA wire

House prices are continuing to rise in East Anglia with the country enjoying the best market conditions for six years, according to a new report.

Property analyst Hometrack said the prices in the region had increased by 0.2% between July and August.

Nationally, there's been a hike of 0.4pc as the market defies the traditional summer slump.

Hometrack said the sector was now in its best shape since before the financial crisis.

Getting help when changing jobs in later life

Changing jobs, professions and careers can be a tough transition to make especially if it is a shift that forced by redundancy in later life.

The actor Graham Cole, who played PC Tony Stamp from ITV's The Bill, has been to a training centre in Houghton Regis in Bedfordshire, to see how some are making that leap, to change their life.

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Changing careers later in life

There was a time in Britain that when you began a job at the start your working life it could be a career that took you to all the way to retirement.

These days, in hard and uncertain economic times, people are more likely to change careers.

Sometimes it's a planned shift of occupation but often it can before forced by redundancy.

Actor Graham Cole played PC Tony Stamp in the ITV drama _The Bill _for 25 years and is now presenting a series of reports for ITV News Anglia.

In his first film Graham meets Malcolm Fisher who lost his job in a bank and now works as a warden in Sheringham Park in Norfolk.

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Click on the links below for more help and advice on changing careers:

National Careers Service

Citizens Advice Bureau

Skills Funding Agency

The Learning Curve

Coastal towns could suffer in welfare reforms

A new report has said coastal councils in this region, could be put under financial pressure by the Government's welfare reforms.

Towns such as Great Yarmouth and Clacton on Sea, with high numbers of people living on benefits, will be hit hardest.

The Local Government Association said councils may have to cut spending in other areas, in order to support tenants suffering as a result of housing benefit changes.

Millions invested in cycle routes

Cyclists in Cambridge
Cyclists in Cambridge Credit: ITV News Anglia

Cycle routes in Cambridge and Norwich are to get millions of pounds worth of improvements.

The Government will help fund projects in 8 UK cities. Among the plans for Cambridge are Dutch-style segregated bike lanes. In Norwich work will focus on the eight-mile 'pink pedal-way', which runs through the city centre.


Government projects slight rise in fuel poverty in 2013

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has projected that the number of families in fuel poverty will "increase marginally" over the course of this year.

Figures for previous years have been recalculated using the government's new definition of fuel poverty.

Graph showing the rate of fuel poverty since 1996, with the projected figures for 2012 and 2013 in red
Graph showing the rate of fuel poverty since 1996, with the projected figures for 2012 and 2013 in red Credit: DECC

DECC notes that the figures could differ from the above projection, which assumes that the average price for gas an electricity will rise by seven percent in the Autumn.

How does the government define 'fuel poverty'?

Read the full report here

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