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Feeling lucky? Many queue for chance to win £57.8m

We're just hours away from finding out who's won the biggest ever Lotto jackpot. Nearly £60m is up for grabs in tonight's big rollover. Although the odds suggest you're more likely to be struck by lightning than match 6 numbers, lots of people were out and about buying last-minute tickets today.

To see what some people in Northamptonshire are planning to spend their potential winnings on, watch Sarah Cooper's report below:


Debt charity says more families are struggling to meet financial demands

More than 5,000 people in the East of England called the charity for advice in the first half of 2015 Credit: PA

In the run up to Christmas thousands of people in the East are struggling to afford their daily bills.

Figures released today by the StepChange Charity show that 5063 people from this region called their helpline in the first half of this year with average debts of 14 thousand pounds,

This left them with a budget deficit every month, meaning they were £7 short of being able to afford even their essential bills.

"Everyone faces ups and downs in life, but more than 11 million people in Britain are now experiencing some financial difficulty and a quarter of those are in severe problem debt.

The East of England is no exception and although the economy is beginning to recover, millions of households remain vulnerable to shocks to their income over the next year and many could find they have no alternative but to turn to credit to cope, which can quickly make the problem much worse."

– Mike O’Connor, Chief Executive, StepChange Charity,


More cash promised for Suffolk bridge projects

Two new bridges in Suffolk could be a step closer after the Chancellor promised more cash for local infrastructure in the Autumn Statement.

A third river crossing for Lowestoft could be a step closer following the Chancellor's Autumn Statement Credit: ITV News Anglia

The government says it will provide £475 million of investment so local areas can bid for funding for projects such as the Lowestoft Third River Crossing and Ipswich Wet Dock Crossing.

Lowestoft has long campaigned for an additional river crossing as the current bascule bridge causes traffic congestion when raised to let shipping into the port.

Chancellor takes up Colchester MP's charity idea for 'tampon tax'

Colchester MP Will Quince tells Chancellor to give 'tampon tax' to charity. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Chancellor George Osborne has taken up an idea from the Colchester MP Will Quince for the £15m a year raised from the so-called 'tampon tax' to be ploughed into supporting women's charities.

During his Autumn Statement, Mr Osborne vowed that he was "committed" to persuading the EU to allow Britain to scrap VAT on sanitary items - but in the meantime, it would be put to "good use".

"There are many great charities that work to support vulnerable women and my Honourable Friend, the new Member for Colchester, has proposed to me a brilliant way to give them more help.

"300,000 people have signed a petition arguing that no VAT should be charged on sanitary products. We already charge the lowest 5% rate allowable under European law and we’re committed to getting the EU rules changed.

"Until that happens, I’m going to use the £15 million a year raised from the Tampon Tax to fund women’s health and support charities."

– George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Services under strain as more cuts expected in Spending Review

Public services across the Anglia region are braced for big cuts in the Autumn Statement and Spending Review.

Public services across the Anglia region are braced for big cuts in the Autumn Statement and Spending Review. Credit: ITV News Anglia

All the indications are that it will be a tough settlement for local councils over the next few years with less Government money available for spending as George Osborne attempts to reduce the deficit.

Norfolk seems to be ahead of Essex and Suffolk in analysing where savings have to be made. They've already cut £250 million but are faced with an extra £111 million over the next three years.

In Cambridgeshire, the county council already knows it will have to implement more than £40 million of cuts in the coming year.

ITV News Anglia reporter Matthew Hudson has been taking a look at some of the spending areas which may be under threat and you can watch his report by clicking below

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