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MPs react to Corbyn's election as Labour leader

Labour MPs in the region are reacting to the news that Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as leader of the Labour Party.

Mr Corbyn, who was originally seen as an outsider in the race, has been elected with nearly 60 percent of the vote in the first round.

Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner, who had supported Yvette Cooper as his preferred leadership candidate, took to twitter to get behind the new leader.

The MP for Norwich South Clive Lewis, who has supported Mr Corbyn's campaign, responded to the news in one word:

Unsurprisingly, Conservative MPs have been quick to criticise the new Labour leader.


Suffolk man talks of heartbreaking decision to help his wife to die

MPs have rejected a proposed law that would have given some terminally ill people the right to die.

The Assisted Dying Bill would have allowed adults with less than six months to live to end their lives with the agreement of two doctors and a High Court judge.

Critics claim there were not enough safeguards in place to protect the vulnerable but many still believe those suffering should be allowed to choose their time of death.

Sarah Beecroft went to meet Barrie Sheldon, from Suffolk, who helped his wife take her own life in 1982.

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Terminally-ill father feels let down by assisted dying vote

A terminally ill father from Peterborough says he feels let down by those he elected after MPs rejected a bill which would have allowed some people to end their lives.

Paul Chippington has accused politicians of ignoring the suffering of people who are in extreme pain and no longer have any quality of life.

Opponents had claimed though that a change in the law wouldn't offer enough safeguards.

Paul, 54, has IPF or Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and fears he could literally drown in front of his two young children aged 5 and 7 because of the fluid building up in his body.

Before that happens he'd like to have the chance to end his life and is calling for a change in the law on assisted dying.

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Charles Clarke says he supports those who refuse to serve in a Jermey Corbyn Shadow Cabinet

Former Norwich MP Charles Clarke says he understands why some people wouldn't want to serve in a Jeremy Corbyn Shadow Cabinet should the left-winger be crowned Labour leader.

Mr Clarke, a former Home Secretary, told Anglia Late Edition that he wouldn't serve either if in the same position.

He said in every leadership group that he'd worked in he needed to respect the leader he was dealing with.

But he was also optimistic that the party would work together.

"I know the party as a whole will try and hold together and work together.

"On the other hand, Jeremy has a set of views and outlooks which many people in the party will find it difficult to identify with and so the process of getting the party to work together will be difficult."

– Charles Clarke
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