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Leader of county council re-elected

A Labour councillor has been re-elected as the leader of Norfolk County Council.

George Nobbs, who represents the Crome division in Norwich, received 43 votes - compared with 40 against - at a meeting at County Hall today

The county council is led by a "rainbow coalition" of the Labour, UKIP and Liberal Democrat parties.

Cllr Nobbs was first elected as leader in May 2013 after that month's election left the authority in no overall control.

The county council recently voted to bring in a new committee-based decision-making system to replace its former cabinet system.

At today's meeting, councillors also elected chairmen for a number of committees including adult social care and children's services.



Political reaction to the European Election results


Some of us who opposed Maastricht 20 years ago predicted it would lead to the rise of the right in the EU: and here we are.

Bernard Jenkin in the Conservative MP for Harwich and North Essex


So maybe those of us who sometimes banged on about Europe were on to something?


Four party politics? Looking at Lib Dem results, we're back to three

Douglas Carswell is the Conservative MP for Clacton

UKIP win the European Election in the East Midlands

UKIP has won the European Election in the East Midlands, which includes Northampton.

UKIP gets two seats, the Conservatives also get two and Labour were allocated 1 MEP seat.

UKIP took 33% of the vote with the Tories coming second with 26%. Labour were just behind with 25%, the Greens got 6% knocking the Liberal Democrats into fifth place with 5% of the vote.

The Liberal Democrats have lost their East Midlands seat - Bill Newton Dunn was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999.

The Eastern region's seven new MEPs

The seven MEPs for the Eastern region after the 2014 election. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Five of the seven MEPs for the Eastern region will be returning to the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg. They will be joined by two new faces from UKIP.

UKIP won the Eastern region vote and were allocated three seats - one more than in 2009.

The Conservatives also have three MEPs - the same number they won at the last European Election.

Labour were allocated the final place. The Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff lost the seat he first won in 1999.

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