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Former Southend Tory MP Sir Teddy Taylor dies

Sir Teddy Taylor passed away in Southend Hospital. Credit: PA

The former Conservative MP for Southend, Sir Teddy Taylor has died. He was 80.

Sir Teddy, who had been ill for some months, died in Southend Hospital late on Wednesday, his wife, Sheila Taylor said.

First entering Parliament as MP for Glasgow Cathcart in 1964, his political career was marked by a fierce loathing of the European Union.

In 1979 he was elected MP for Southend East in a by-election and held the seat until he retired from Parliament in 2005.

His wife said that while he never changed his views on Europe, he had remained devoted to his constituency and its people.

"He loved being an MP here. The great love of his life was helping his constituents. He really cared about Southend and was very well-liked by everybody here," she said.


MP warns Lib Dems to stop treating Brexit voters like idiots

Norman Lamb issued a pre-conference warning Credit: PA Images

Norman Lamb has warned his party that Brexit voters felt they were treating them like "idiots" as he warned the Lib Dems risked looking like a single-issue pressure group.

Mr Lamb said the party needed to "start thinking again", coming up with ideas to address the concerns of voters who often felt powerless in the face of bureaucracy and large corporations.

The North Norfolk MP was speaking ahead of the party's annual conference, which begins in Bournemouth today.

Mr Lamb said:

"We won't recover just by working harder, delivering more leaflets. We will recover by articulating an attractive vision for our country's future that appeals to people and that confronts some of the big challenges, the big issues that we face as a country, as a world."

– Norman Lamb

Mr Lamb, whose North Norfolk constituency voted to Leave the EU, criticised his party's tactic of putting opposition to Brexit at the heart of the election campaign under former leader Tim Farron.

"A lot of people felt that we were treating them as if they were idiots for having voted for Brexit," he said. "And yet, as liberals, we ought to understand people's anxieties about remote power."

Leading Eurosceptic backs May to win next election

The Prime Minister on her visit to Japan. Credit: ITV

One of the region's leading Eurosceptic MPs has backed Theresa May to win the next general election.

Wellingborough MP Peter Bone says he has full confidence in the Prime Minister during the Brexit negotiations and beyond.

Peter Bone is backing the Prime Minister to win the next election. Credit: ITV News Anglia

It comes after Mrs May said she wanted to lead the Conservatives into the next election despite losing her majority at the last one.

If Theresa May as I think she will, delivers a very successful Brexit now that we come out of the EU, I think she'll be a bit of a national hero and I think she'll be in a great position to lead the country, the party into the next election and hopefully win"

– Peter Bone MP, Con
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