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Cathedral prepares to welcome new dean

Parishioners at the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Norwich are getting ready for the installation of a new dean.

Father David Paul will officially take up the post at the second largest Catholic cathedral in the UK on September 21st.

He has previously served as a parish priest in Cambridge, Ipswich and Peterborough.

Father David Paul

Father David will replace Father James Walsh who, after 13 years at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, is becoming parish priest to congregations in North Walsham, Hoveton and Aylsham.

Registrar wins battle over same sex weddings

A registrar who refused to officiate at same sex weddings has won a court backing for her stance.

Margaret Jones from Bedfordshire said performing gay weddings clashed with her Christian beliefs - a move which she says eventually cost her her job.

A court has said her employer was wrong to have dismissed her, but the decision has led to some concern from gay rights groups.

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Reformed Jihadist tells British Muslims 'Don't go'

A former Jihadist fighter, who now lives in Ipswich, is pleading with British Muslims not to go out and join extreme militant groups in the Middle East.

Muhammed Manwar Ali fought in Afghanistan, Kashmir and Burma in the 1980s. He says he's learnt from his experience and the level and extent of killing has now become extreme and driven by hatred and revenge.

He has also condemned the killing of journalist James Foley.

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Ipswich: Reformed jihadist pleads with British Muslims not to join sectarian violence

Muhammad Manwar Ali. Credit: ITV News Anglia

An Islamic scholar from Ipswich, who once fought as a jihadist, is pleading with British Muslims not to join the sectarian violence in the Middle East.

Muhammad Manwar Ali fought in Afghanistan, Syria and Burma in the 1980s, but says the Islamic State and the use of jihad today is extreme and the violence is inhuman and evil.

"Don't go to the Syria, Iraq conflict positions - don't go there.

Your heart cries, your heart bleeds and you feel emotional or sad.

Pray. Trust god that he has the affairs in his hands, he never supports injustice and falsehood. Our job is to be good and kind, wherever we are."

– Muhammad Manwar Ali