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Mosque has 'no objection' to proposed Louis Smith visit

The chairman of a mosque in Peterborough has invited gymnast Louis Smith to observe prayers in a bid to educate him about the Muslim religion.

Abdul Choudhuri from the Faizan-e-Madina Mosque in the city has taken the step after a video emerged of Smith appearing to mock Islam.

Smith has since apologised for his actions, and Mr Choudhuri has called on him to be forgiven.

"We have no objection if he asks for forgiveness," Mr Choudhuri said.

"He should come to the mosque and learn what Islam is all about.

"We want to make him aware and understand the religion of Islam. He is a role model and we hope that by learning about Islam, he will be a better person."


Bishop of Peterborough abseils down cathedral

Video report by ITV News Anglia's Stuart Leithes.

The Bishop of Peterborough got a little bit closer to God today - as he abseiled from the top of the city's cathedral.

More than 200 people had signed up to abseil down the historic building Credit: ITV News Anglia

He was taking part in a sponsored event to raise funds for improvements at the Cathedral, in time for its 900th anniversary in 2018.

The historian and television presenter Jonathan Foyle was among those taking part.


Region's first female archdeacon to become bishop

The Right Reverend Jan McFarlane will move to Derbyshire. Credit: ITV Anglia.

East Anglia's first female archdeacon leaves her role this week to become one of the first women bishops.

The Right Reverend Jan McFarlane will move to Derbyshire to become Bishop of Repton after 17 years in Norfolk.

"Norfolk and Norwich has become home really.

I always feel like I've been adopted by the people of Norfolk. I just know how we're going to leave this incredible cathedral, this beautiful city and the people who really have become friends over the years"

– Right Reverend Jan McFarlane

Luton Mosque hoping Ramadan can help build bridges to wider community

Muslims across the region have been fasting each day between sunrise and sunset from the 6th of June to the 6th of July as part of the holy month of Ramadan.

But once the sun has gone down there's a chance to catch up with friends and family at the evening meal or Iftar - and in Luton one mosque has been using the event to build bridges with the wider community.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Russell Hookey.

Campaign to highlight the problem of forced marriage

There have been hundreds of calls to a charity helpline from the Anglia region about forced marriage.

A national roadshow has been in the Anglia region aiming to shine a light on the problem of forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

It highlights the women abused, disowned and ostracised by their own families - simply for wanting a say in who they marry.

The charity Karma Nirvana, which supports victims, has received hundreds of calls to its helpline from people in the Anglia region since the beginning of 2014.

  • Bedfordshire - 153 calls
  • Cambridgeshire - 92 calls
  • Hertfordshire - 133 calls
  • Milton Keynes - 42 calls
  • Northamptonshire - 33 calls

Click below for a report from ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper who met one survivor who is now taking control of her life

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