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Norfolk van artist's latest 'mudsterpiece' celebrates royal engagement

Ruddy Muddy's latest Credit: @Ruddy_Muddy

Norfolk van artist Ruddy Muddy didn't take long to react to news of today's royal engagement.

He's already revealed his latest "mudsterpiece" on the back on his white van in Wicklewood, near Norwich, congratulating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Ruddy Muddy, whose real name is Rick Minns, tweeted the royal family with an image of his artwork.

Royal wedding: Memories from a Norwich couple who married in Luton in 1947

Edward and Lilias Stanbrook-Evans married in 1947 Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh may be celebrating their platinum anniversary, but they're not the only ones.

Edward and Lilias Stanbrook-Evans who now live in Norwich married in Luton in1947.

They took their vows as the Royal couple were married at Westminster Abbey.

Edward and Lilias in 1947 on their wedding day Credit: ITV News Anglia

"There hadn't been anything joyful for the last few years and this was something quite exciting."

– Lilias Stanbrook-Evans


Duke of Cambridge helps MK celebrate its 50th anniversary

Prince William visited the town as part of it's 50th anniversary. Credit: PA

The Duke of Cambridge has been visiting Milton Keynes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the town.

Residents of the Buckinghamshire settlement - known for its concrete cows and roundabouts - have been marking the Act of Parliament which 50 years ago paved the way for Milton Keynes' creation.

Chatting to some of the locals at the MK Rose Credit: PA

The Duke has been meeting Milton Keynes' founders, community leaders, and various faith groups.

He also viewed the Milton Keynes Rose - a public installation and focal point for the community - featuring pillars celebrating groups and events important to the residents of Milton Keynes.

The installation featuring pillars celebrating groups & events important to MK residents Credit: PA
Credit: PA
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