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Staff express relief over Northampton Town deal

There's relief among staff at Northampton Town Football Club as talks continue to ratify a takeover deal.

An agreement was reached last night between the club's current chairman David Cardoza and prospective buyer Kelvin Thomas.

Only the players have been paid since September, through a loan from the players' union the PFA, as the saga over the club's future rumbled on.

Staff who are behind on wages include manager Chris Wilder, assistant Alan Knill, coaches, ground and shop personnel plus club stewards.

Press officer Gareth Willsher said it had become extremely stressful for people there, some of whom were given loans by NTFC Supporters Trust so that they could get by.

"Everyone's pulled together, the supporters have been great, the staff have gone above and beyond I would say.

"So to have light at the end of the tunnel now, to have this agreement in place between David Cardoza and Kelvin Thomas is just a huge relief and I hope we can move on very soon.

– Gareth Willsher, Northampton Town

Mr Thomas is in meetings with Northampton Borough Council today to discuss how to resolve the outstanding £10.25 million loan which was made to the club.

The council will then hold a meeting this evening to decide whether they're happy for the takeover to proceed.

Northampton Town spokesman Gareth Willsher speaks about the staff's relief over the takeover deal



Pendleton swaps saddles for point-to-point season

Great Britain's most successful female Olympian, Victoria Pendleton, is now preparing for the next challenge in her new career as an amateur jockey.

The retired track cyclist from Bedfordshire announced she was swapping her cycling shorts for racing silks earlier this year.

Victoria will start her first point-to-point season at the end of November. It is referred to as the Sunday League of horse racing - all amateur riders, competing for the love of the sport.

Click below to watch a report on Victoria Pendleton. Here's ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper.

Police warrant served on Northampton Town FC over financial irregularities

A team of officers from Northamptonshire Police has served a warrant on Northampton Town Football Club after receiving a formal complaint from Northampton Borough Council.

The police say it relates to alleged financial irregularities surrounding the loan made by the council to Northampton Town Football Club.

The officers served the warrant at Sixfields Stadium in order to secure any documentation which may be relevant to the investigation. The football club is being fully co-operative at this stage.

BREAKING - Cobblers deal is done

A deal's been struck to save Northampton Town Credit: ITV Anglia

Chairman David Cardoza has reached an agreement to sell his controlling stake in Northampton Town Football Club to Kelvin Thomas.

The deal is subject to the legal paperwork being completed which is expected to happen well in advance of Friday's administration hearing.

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