EDL march in Luton

Police in Luton are preparing for a march by the English Defence League in Luton on May 5th.

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Two arrests at EDL march

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of public order offences after thousands of people gathered for an English Defence League protest in Luton.

Around 3,000 EDL supporters took part in the demonstration and another 1,000 people gathered for a counter protest organised by Unite Against Fascism and other groups - under the banner 'We Are Luton' - in a separate part of the town.

Around 1500 police officers from 20 forces around the country were used to control the demonstrations


Local businesses fear EDL march will cost revenue

A protest planned by the English Defence League in Luton next month will not take place in the town centre.

A counter demonstration is also being held away from the town, as the police and local council try to stop a repeat of last year's demonstration which cost local businesses more than a million pounds in lost revenue. Watch Neil Bradford's report.


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