Day of unrest: Industrial action

Public sector union members are taking industrial action today.

Three unions are involved: UNITE, the University and College Union and the Public and Commercial Services Union.

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Day of unrest: Francis Maude condemns 'futile strike action'

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude has issued the following statement on today's industrial action:

“The dedicated majority of public sector workers are working normally today and rigorous contingency plans are ensuring that nearly all key public services remain open as usual.

“We can now confirm that far fewer civil servants are on strike than in November – with around 100,000 taking part – down from 146,000 last year. This is dramatically lower than union claims.

“Nevertheless it is very disappointing that a handful of unions insist on carrying on with futile strike action which will benefit no one. We would urge these union leaders to reconsider their position. Pension talks will not be reopened and nothing further will be achieved through strike action."


Hundreds of police officers from the East march in London

Hundreds of off-duty police officers from our region have joined a march in London against planned changes to their pay, working conditions and pensions.

An estimated 28,000 officers from around the UK are taking part in the march, including about 300 from Essex, and hundreds from Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

The Police Federation say they believe that more or less every off-duty police officer in the country has travelled to the capital to voice their concerns.

ITV Anglia's Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson spoke to them as they marched:

Picket lines up at Milton Keynes County Court

PCS union members outside Milton Keynes County Court. Credit: ITV Anglia

Industrial action is underway across the ITV Anglia region.

Union members from the Public and Commercial Services Union are already picketing at Milton Keynes County Court.**


Members of UNITE and the University and College Union are also taking action in the row over changes to pension contributions.


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