Big freeze potholes

The big freeze is causing a rise in reports of dangerous potholes on the region's roads.

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  1. Matthew Hudson

Big rise in potholes on region's roads

The recent freezing temperatures have led to a jump in the number of potholes appearing on the region's roads. One website specialising in the recording of potholes says this has been its busiest month ever - with twice the number of hits of its previous record.

Potholes are not only costly to drivers. They can be dangerous to other road users, particularly those on two wheels. But councils say there's little they can do.

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AA warns of pothole danger

The AA is warning of the dangers of an increasing number of potholes appearing on our roads following the big freeze. The motoring organisation says 10% of its callouts are due to punctures, some caused by cars hitting holes in the road.

Potholes are caused by water seeping under the roads surface then freezing and expanding there and breaking up the road.

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