Divers rescued as boat sinks in Suffolk

Lowestoft RNLI have rescued 11 people from a sinking ship by Lowestoft harbour entrance.

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  1. Malcolm Robertson

Boat survivor tells of dramatic rescue

A survivor rescued from a diving boat as it sank suddenly off the Suffolk coast has been reliving the terrifying moment when he realised he was trapped on board.

The man only escaped after swimming through an open window. He and ten others on board were pulled from the water by the Lowestoft lifeboat crew, who happened to be training nearby.The lifeboat cox said he'd never seen a boat sink so fast. Malcolm Robertson reports.


Boat 'sank in seconds'

The coxswain of an RNLI rescue mission to save 11 people from a boat that sank in Lowestoft harbour says it 'sank in seconds'. John Fox from Lowestoft RNLI said he had never seen a boat sink so quickly, and that if it had been out at sea it would have been a tragedy.

Four people have been taken to the James Paget Hospital, although none of them are seriously injured. Lowestoft RNLI was returning to its base at about ten past twelve today (Sunday 22 July) when it spotted the vessel in trouble.

The sunken boat is still in the water, but the RNLI says it has been anchored, and that measures have been taken to make the water safe. It is not yet known what caused the boat to sink.

Major rescue by Lowestoft RNLI

Lowestoft RNLI have taken part in a major rescue operation this afternoon.

The lifeboat was returning to base after completing its exercises when it saw a boat carrying divers in trouble by the harbour entrance. Mick Richford from the RNLI said:

"The boat was sinking very rapidly. People had to be rescued from the water."

– Mike Richford, RNLI Lowestoft

The RNLI say 11 people have been recovered and everyone is now accounted for. A number of ambulances are at the scene and the rescued divers are recovering at the lifeboat station. Several are being assessed as to whether they need to be taken to the James Paget Hospital.


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