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Flood warnings in Norfolk and Suffolk

Rainfall totals on Friday and Saturday in the Anglia region showing a sharp contrast between east and west Credit: ITV Anglia / Met Office

Some parts of the Anglia region have seen more rainfall in the past two days than normally falls in an entire month.

The rain and snow has triggered flood warnings in Norfolk and Suffolk on the River Waveney and River Tas.

The average March rainfall in East Anglia is around 44 mm but in the 48 hours ending at 9am on Sunday a few places in Norfolk had seen more than that. Lingwood to the east of Norwich had 57 mm while Norwich itself had 48 mm.


Flood warning issued for the Waveney valley

A Flood Warning has been issued by the Environment Agency for the River Waveney from, and including Diss to Bungay.

Flooding is expected for riverside areas in Homersfield, Needham Mill, Brockdish, Scole and Diss. Including the A143 at Scole and Homersfield, and the A1066 at Diss.

The peak of the river was at around 8.30am in the Diss to Billingford area. River levels are likely to slowly rise before stabilising.

The Environment Agency website has more details of Flood Warnings and Flood Alerts.

Flood warnings issued in Suffolk

Flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency Credit: PA Wire

There are three Flood Warnings in force in the Suffolk following heavy rain and snow over the past 48 hours.

The areas covered are:

Thorpeness Hundred River from Knodishall to Aldringham

Chediston watercourse at Halesworth

Wrentham watercourse from Wrentham to the coast

There are also 14 of the lower level Flood Alerts in place in the Anglia region. For more details go to the Environment Agency website

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