Artful way of attracting visitors

An artist says he's trying to encourage people to go to his exhibition in Milton Keynes by hiding an £8000 cheque for one lucky visitor to find.

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Artistic visitor attraction

Imagine finding a blank cheque for eight thousand pounds and being told you could keep it. Well that's the offer made by a Milton Keynes artist to visitors at the MK Gallery.

Tomas Georgeson claims to have hidden the cheque to encourage more people to visit the venue. But today he didn't show up at the gallery and staff there said they were as surprised as anyone else by the stunt.

Russell Hookey reports...

An artful way of attracting visitors

Artist Tomas Georgeson says he's left a cheque for £8,000 in Milton Keynes Gallery in the hope it will attract more visitors.

He has placed an advert in the local newspaper, The Milton Keynes Citizen, which reads: "A blank cheque for £8,000 has been hidden somewhere in the public spaces of Milton Keynes Gallery. It will be collected on 1 March 2013 if unclaimed."

Mr Georgeson said he wanted to get people through the door and change the mood of the place.


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