Gay marriage: how our MPs voted

MPs from across the East are divided on the subject of gay marriage

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Nadine Dorries speaks in gay debate

Ex-Tory MP Nadine Dorries has been speaking in the debate on gay marriage. The Mid Bedfordshire MP said the Bill did not create equality but highlighted inequalities which will always be there.

This Bill in no way makes a requirement of faithfulness from same sex couples - in fact it does the opposite. In a heterosexual marriage, a couple can divorce for adultery, the legal requirement is if you have sex with a member of the opposite sex.

"A gay couple have no obligation to make that vow because they do not have to forsake all others because they cannot divorce for adultery - there is no requirement for faithfulness.

"And if there is no requirement of faithfulness, what is a marriage?"

– Nadine Dorries MP


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