More Police to carry Tasers

More Police officers in Cambridgeshire will soon be carrying Tasers. Currently 55 firearms officers in the county are trained to carry the tool but that figure is set to treble.

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Taser trained Police around the region

Other forces around the region that currently use Tasers to protect the public and its officers from extreme violent behaviour:

  • Essex: 190 trained officers
  • Norfolk: 90 trained officers
  • Bedfordshire: 135 trained officers
  • Hertfordshire: 125 trained officers and plans to increase to 160
  • Lincolnshire: 300 trained officers
  • Thames Valley: 198 trained officers
  • Suffolk: 147 trained officers
  • Northamptonshire: 90 trained officers

Hertfordshire Police plan to increase Taser usage

Hertfordshire Police also plan to increase the number of officers who are trained to use Taser in Hertfordshire Constabulary from 125 currently to 160.

Hertfordshire Police statement: “The purpose of this increase is to manage this resource consistently across the whole force area.

“The majority of officers who will receive the specialist Taser training will be from teams that respond to 999 calls and emergencies.

“All officers who use Taser are trained to national standards and follow strict guidance around their use. The devices are only used in violent situations or where there is an immediate threat of violence to members of the public or police.”


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  • More Police to carry Tasers

    More officers in Cambridgeshire will carry Tasers. 55 officers are trained to carry the tool but that figure is set to treble.