Lloyds Banking Group to close Southend office

Lloyds Banking Group has announced it is to close its office in Southend putting up to 690 jobs at risk. The bank is also cutting another 160 jobs across wider operations.

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Lloyds’ spokesperson comments on closure of Southend office

"As part of the Group’s simplification programme set out in its 2011 strategic plan, the decision has been reached to close Essex House, leading to around 570 role reductions. A further c75 members of staff currently at Essex House will move to our Chelmsford location.

"As with any decision that affects our colleagues, this was a very difficult one to make. We will do everything we can to provide support for both our employees and the local community to manage this transition.

"We will work with our colleagues wherever possible to try to find suitable roles for them elsewhere within the Group."

Lloyds’ spokesperson


Unite slams Lloyds for job cuts

Unite, Britain's biggest union, accused Lloyds Banking Group of creating a 'constant tide of cuts' as a further 850 job losses were announced by the bank today which is still part-owned by the public.

The announcement means the bank has announced almost 2,750 jobs cuts since the start of the year.

Today LBG has announced the closure of its office in Southend Essex putting 690 jobs at risk. The bank is also cutting another 160 jobs across its commercial banking and bancassurance operations.

"Lloyds is celebrating a return to profit and there are hints of dividend pay-outs to shareholders but the bank's workers are in constant fear that they will be next for the chop.

"This is no way to treat staff. It's time to urgently review this continuous tide of cuts and build the bank's strength."

– Unite national officer, Dominic Hook

"The constant job cuts across the banking industry is bad for bank staff, does nothing to support customers and it's bad for Britain's economy.

Since January almost 5,500 job cuts have been announced by high street banks - that's over 1,000 a month so far this year.

"Britain's banking industry has a duty to the communities it profits from and that means these institutions need to be responsible employers."

– Unite national officer, Dominic Hook
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