Fears for region's wildlife

UK wildlife is "in trouble", with almost 2,000 species of birds, animals, insects and plants known to have declined in the past half century, experts have warned.

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Warning for wildlife

A "state of nature" report by scientists from the country's leading conservation organisations reveals Britain's plant, mammal, insect and bird life is in trouble - with numbers falling for more than 60 per cent of species.

Among the more startling predictions is that the hedgehog could be extinct within 15 years.

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Hedgehog extinction warning

Hedgehogs are under threat Credit: PA Archive

The region's hedgehogs could be extinct within 15 years - that's the shock warning from one wildlife expert.

Sandra Craske, of AFA Hedgehog Rescue at Fakenham in Norfolk, said slug pellets were being used to kill beetles, bugs and worms - the staple diet of the hedgehogs. She believes they could die out in the next 10 to 15 years.


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