Chilly spring near record

The continuing cold weather as made spring 2013 one of the coldest on record in the East of England.

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East Anglia heading for coldest spring in nearly 30 years

East Anglia is heading for the coldest spring for nearly thirty years after every month of the year so far has seen below average temperatures.

Maximum temperatures struggled to reach 10C (50F) on Thursday with a high of only 9.5C at Andrewsfield near Braintree in Essex.

Forecasters say it will continue unseasonably cold on Friday although it will become warmer over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The three months of spring - March, April and May so far - has seen an overall average temperature of just 7.2C in East Anglia which is on a par with spring 1984.

Once all the figures have been analysed at the end of the month it could turn out to be the coldest spring since 1962. Currently, with a week of May to go, it's the fifth coldest spring in Met Office records dating from 1910.

Click below to see a video of a hail storm in Great Shelford on Thursday


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