Beach ban for naturists

Naturists are to be banned from a renowned beauty spot in Norfolk after police were alerted to indecent acts at the popular beach.

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Naturists say minority has spoiled it for everyone

A naturist spokesman said a minority had spoiled it for everyone after visitors to a popular Norfolk beauty spot were told to keep their clothes on.

Naturists are to be banned at Holkham beach after managers at the estate became aware of a growing number of sexual offences being reported to police.

Naturists are to be banned after decades on Holkham beach in north Norfolk Credit: Daniel Law/Press Association Images

The miles of white sand at Holkham have long been shared by families, dog walkers and nudists as well as hosting an annual beach ride by the Queen's Household Cavalry.

Andrew Welch, a spokesman for British Naturism, accepted that a minority had spoilt it for everyone else but said the move was unlikely to be successful.

"It's like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut," he said.


Holkham's naturist beach to close

The naturist section of popular Norfolk beach will close next month following complaints about anti-social behaviour.

The Holkham Estate has decided to close the area on the western section of Holkham beach.

It follows discussions with police after complaints about sexual offences being committed there. The section will close on July 1.

Sarah Henderson, conservation manager, said: “It is sad we have been forced to take this step due to the persistent anti-social behaviour of a minority of people.”

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