Annual strawberry race

The annual strawberry race in Essex is late this year because of the cold spring.

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  1. Emily Knight

Fruits of success for Air Ambulance

Little Scarlet strawberries Credit: ITV Anglia

A charity Strawberry Race at Tiptree near Colchester has raised £2,000 for the Essex Air Ambulance.

In it's 7th year the race attracts fruit pickers from all over the country. They have 60 minutes to collect as many strawberries as possible.

Tiptree Strawberry Race, Essex Credit: ITV Anglia

Teams take part as well as individuals and it's all to raise money for charity. Now a cheque for £2,000 will be handed over to the Essex Air Ambulance.

This years race was delayed because of the cold springer, it's normally held in mid-June.

US spirit for annual strawberry race

Joyce Thomas from Diss in Norfolk gets the American Independence Day spirit for the annual strawberry race Credit: Chris Warner / ITV Anglia

Now in its seventh year, the Tiptree Strawberry race is as popular as ever. Normally held in mid-June, it's late this year because of the cold spring.

The aim is to pick as many strawberries as possible in 60 minutes and raise some money for the Essex Air Ambulance.

Due to the chilly conditions, for the first time the race is being held on the 4th July, American Independence day. The winner of the best fancy dress was Joyce Thomas from Diss in Norfolk who dressed as the Statue of Liberty.


Late spring delays annual strawberry race

The strawberry harvest for jam-making in Essex is late because of the cold spring Credit: Chris Warner / ITV Anglia

There was a red, white and blue theme at the Tiptree Strawberry Race near Colchester in Essex, to mark American Independence Day.

Usually the race, which is in its seventh year takes place in mid-June, but because of a cold spring this year it was delayed.

Dozens of people came from all over the country to take part in the race to see who could pick the most strawberries in 60 minutes.

Strawberries being prepare for jam-making at Tiptree in Essex Credit: Chris Warner / ITV Anglia
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