Fishing quota legal challenge

Small scale fishermen in the region are celebrating after the High Court upheld a decision to re-allocate fishing quotas.

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Local inshore fishermen celebrate High Court battle

Local inshore fishermen are celebrating after winning a High Court battle to give a greater share of fishing quotas to smaller boats.

Currently around 95 per cent of Britain's fishing rights are in the hands of big vessel owners.

Campaigners say today's ruling is a victory for the little man and will help a struggling industry. But opponents argue the reallocation could cause problems.


Greenpeace ocean campaigner Ariana Densham comments on fishing quota ruling

“This ruling is a great victory not just for small-scale fishermen, but for anyone who cares about the future of our seas and coastal communities. The judge has demolished the arguments used by the fishing barons to justify their stranglehold on Britain's fish, giving back control of our seas to the public and our elected government."

“With the backing of the UK High Court, the fisheries minister Richard Benyon is in a stronger position than ever before to wipe the slate clean on decades of monumental mismanagement of fishing quota by successive governments. It's time to build a vibrant and viable future for the UK’s marine environment and the fishing communities that depend on it.

“Fishing opportunities must go to those fishermen who guarantee the best return for our environment, our coastal communities, and our economy.”

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