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On Wednesday July 24th, Norwich and London will co-host the premiere of the Alan Partridge film 'Alpha Papa', with a lunchtime screening at Norwich's Anglia Square followed later by a red carpet event at London's Leicester Square.

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Alan Partridge on his return to Norwich: "It feels like sitting in a warm bath whilst having a cup of cocoa... it feels good."

Now the name Alan Partridge. To some the fictional radio and TV presenter's association with the East is a source of embarrassment and not to be encouraged.

To others, including Alan himself, he has helped put Norwich on the map especially after today when the world premiere of his new movie, Alpha Papa, with scenes shot in Norfolk, was launched in Norwich rather than the bright lights of London.

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Alpha Papa film premiere in Norwich

If you are a fan of Alan Partridge, this is the day you will have been waiting for... The new film is premiered this afternoon, where else but in Norwich?

The fictional character is known for his links with the city, so it seems only right that the man himself took to the red carpet a short while ago.


Alan Partridge: "This film is my love letter to Norwich"

Alan Partridge on the red carpet at Anglia Square in Norwich

Fictional DJ Alan Partridge told fans: "This film is my love letter to Norwich" as he premiered his new movie in his favourite city today.

The Steve Coogan comedy creation opted to hold the red carpet event in Norfolk following a Twitter campaign dubbed Anglia Square Not Leicester Square.

Partridge added that he had chosen Norwich because he trusted Norfolk Police to protect him from a sniper while on the red carpet.

City to host Partridge Premiere

Fictional DJ Alan Partridge Credit: PA Images

Fictional DJ Alan Partridge will attempt to put Norwich "on the map" as he premieres his new film in the city today.

Comedian Steve Coogan will appear in character at the red carpet event to launch his new film Alpha Papa.

The decision to hold the premiere in Norfolk followed a Twitter campaign dubbed Anglia Square Not Leicester Square, calling for the event to be held at an unloved 1960s shopping precinct.

Since the announcement, Partridge fever has gripped Norwich with tourism bosses launching a walking tour based around the series, venues across the city planning premiere after parties and the Norwich Evening News printing a Partridge mask making kit.

Producers Studio Canal announced the event on Twitter, with a statement from Partridge reading: "You can imagine how hurt and litigious I felt when people said I was planning to debut my movie in London instead of Norwich, or that I'd allowed my head to be turned by the prospect of big city fame.

"Any suggestions I've hastily cobbled together the lunchtime Norwich screening in response to a local Twitter campaign will be met with the full force of the law."

Organisers say Partridge will greet fans and speak to the media outside the Hollywood Cinema.

Afterwards, Partridge - who once pitched to put Norwich on the map with his regional detective series Swallow - will be flown by helicopter to London for a second showing at Leicester Square.

The film was shot at locations across the county and producers say it centres around a "hilarious chain of events which see Alan having to work with the police to defuse a potentially violent siege" after a new media conglomerate takes over his radio station, North Norfolk Digital.


Partridge Premiere today

The Alan Partridge film premiere is in Norwich this lunchtime Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's the day that fans of Alan Partridge have been waiting for. The movie premiere of his new film Alpha Papa will be shown at the Hollywood Cinema in Anglia Square in Norwich, this lunchtime.

The decision to have the red carpet in the city where much of the film was shot was made after a social media campaign run by Rob Wilkes and Rafiq Turnball from Norwich.

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