Changing careers in later life

The actor Graham Cole who played a policeman in ITV's The Bill for 25 years has made a series of short films for ITV News Anglia about people who have changed career in later life.

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Changing careers later in life

There was a time in Britain that when you began a job at the start your working life it could be a career that took you to all the way to retirement.

These days, in hard and uncertain economic times, people are more likely to change careers.

Sometimes it's a planned shift of occupation but often it can before forced by redundancy.

Actor Graham Cole played PC Tony Stamp in the ITV drama _The Bill _for 25 years and is now presenting a series of reports for ITV News Anglia.

In his first film Graham meets Malcolm Fisher who lost his job in a bank and now works as a warden in Sheringham Park in Norfolk.

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