Online game to tackle ash dieback

An online game could provide vital data to help in the fight against the ash dieback disease which is threatening to wipe out millions of trees.

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Online game to help in fight against ash tree disease

A new online game could help in the battle against ash dieback Credit: ITV Anglia

Scientists in Norwich working to tackle a disease which is threatening to wipe out millions of ash trees are enlisting the help of online gamers.

A Facebook game has been designed in which players match colour sequences but also provide crucial data which could find trees resistant to the disease.

Scientists from the Norwich Research Park worked with a game company to design Fraxinus. Players match sequences of coloured leaves which also represent strings of genetic information from ash trees with chalara ash dieback.

Scientists hope the game data may provide information which leads to disease-resistant trees. Credit: ITV Anglia

The tree disease was first identified in Britain last year and is spreading fast.

Scientists say data from the game may be able to help provide information to breed naturally-resistant ash trees.


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