Cambridge bike thefts

Officers have staged a series of bike thefts in Cambridge to highlight the growing problem in the city.

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Police 'surprised' by lack of public reaction to thefts

Police in Cambridge have done a little experiment to find out just how easy it is to steal a bicycle in broad daylight.

Plain-clothed officers staged thefts in King's Parade, Market Square, outside Anglia Ruskin University and in the Leisure Park off Hills Road.

They ripped chains from the bikes and even used bright orange bolt cutters to break locks, but not one person called the police.

Click below for an interview with Sergeant Andrea Gilbert who was asked how surprised she was by the lack of reaction from the public?

Police stage bike thefts in new campaign

Cambridge police officers have staged a series of bike thefts in the city, to see if anyone would report the crimes.

Last year more than 2,000 bikes were stolen in the city.

Officers have now launched a new campaign to encourage people to report suspicious activity when they see it.

They used actors to steal bikes using bolt croppers while in full view of members of the public.

The results were filmed.

Click below to see how many people reported the crimes.


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