European Elections 2014

The next European Election will be held in the UK on Thursday 22 May 2014. There are 7 seats for election in the East of England with 5 in the East Midlands.

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UKIP announces Euro candidates for East Midlands

Roger Helmer and Margot Parker are the two lead candidates for UKIP in the 2014 European Election Credit: UKIP

UKIP has selected its five candidates to stand in the East Midlands in the 2014 European Election in May.

Former Conservative MEP Roger Helmer is the lead candidate in the list with the UKIP candidate in the Corby by-election in 2012, Margot Parker, in second place.

The remaining places go to Jonathan Bullock, Nigel Wickens and Barry Mahoney.

The current UKIP MEP for the East Midlands, which includes Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, is Derek Clark. He is stepping down after eight years in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Under the proportional representation system in use for the European Elections in the UK the five seats are allocated depending on the share of the vote for each party. At the last election in 2009, two Conservatives were elected along with one MEP each for Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.


Political journalist named lead UKIP candidate in the East

Patrick O'Flynn has been named lead UKIP candidate in the East of England for the 2014 European Elections Credit: UKIP

UKIP has named its list of candidates standing in the 2014 European Elections in the East of England.

At the top of the list of seven candidates is Patrick O'Flynn who is currently the Chief Political Correspondent at the Daily Express.

The current UKIP MEP for the East of England Stuart Agnew is second on the list with the head of the party's Policy Unit, Tim Aker third.

UKIP came second in the East of England in the 2009 European Elections with 20% of the vote.

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