Debate over money for beggars

A city councillor in Norwich has sparked a debate about whether people should give money to beggars on the streets. He wants the cash to go to homelessness charities instead.

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Council approves plan to discourage people giving money to beggars

A campaign has been launched in Norwich aimed at discouraging people from giving money to beggars.

The city council has tonight approved a plan to urge charitable people in the area to give their cash to homelessness organisations instead.

It claims some people on the streets are making £50 pounds a day to fund their drug and alcohol addictions.

A similar scheme was introduced in Cambridge last year.

Malcolm Robertson reports.


Call to stop giving money to beggars

A city councillor in Norwich is calling for people to stop giving money directly to beggars on the streets and instead give it to charities specifically set up to help the homeless.

Bert Bremner says money given to beggars will be spent on drugs and alcohol.

He wants charitable people in the city to give their money to organisations who can offer support to homeless people and break any substance abuse habits.

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