Gok Wan in the region

Gok Wan took time out of his busy schedule to talk to ITV News Anglia about his life, doing panto for the first time and how to survive Christmas!

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Full Interview: Gok Wan talks life, fans and how to survive Christmas with ITV News Anglia

Today's Gok Wan is the multi-talented, fashion consultant, cook, author and for the first time this Christmas, star of Panto.

But that follows a very different childhood which included being picked on for being mixed race, tall, overweight and gay.

Facing and dealing with the prejudices that went hand in hand has enabled Gok to offer comfort and advice, particularly to women throughout the country.

He's been in the region promoting his new cookery book, and saying hi to some of his many fans.

Despite this, Gok still had time to talk to ITV News Anglia's Jonathan Wills.

Click below to watch Gok's full interview with Jonathan

Food or Fashion? Gok Wan can't separate the two!

Gok Wan has been in the region to talk about his new cook book.

The tv fashion guru turned, cook, author and for the first time this Christmas, star of Panto has been speaking to fans at a signing in Norwich.

You can watch our extended interview with Gok on tonight's programme at 18:00 on ITV, and you'll also be able to view it in full right here.


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