Fuel prices fall in the East

After hitting an all time high earlier this year, there's some good news for motorists, as petrol prices are now at their lowest in more than two years.

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Your views: what do lower fuel prices mean for you and your business?

Fuel prices are at their lowest for more than two-and-a-half years.

They've fallen by 9p per litre, from £1.40 in September to £1.31 now.

We asked you on our Facebook page what the news means for you and your businesses:

"This is good news for us.

"We're a small, privately owned business, with a team of mobile engineers.

"Fuel costs were constantly rising but our customers would not want to see our prices increase because of the difficult trading conditions lots of them have been enduring.

"I hope this reduction is likely to be long term."

– Debbie Martin

"Still being ripped off, what's new?

"Should be no more than £1 a litre."

– Robert Butal

"I can't afford to have a car now, it's ridiculous.

"I think in the near future we will all be back to horse and cart."

– Martin Hodson


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