Water floods over Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth was left flooded after one of the biggest storm surges since 1953 hit the region last week. Thousands were evacuated from their homes and transport networks suffered.

Live updates

Kate Prout reporting live from Gorleston earlier this evening

There's been widespread disruption with the east coast hit by, what's thought to be, the worst storm surge since 1953.

Thousands have evacuated their homes and businesses; power is down in many parts of the region and transport networks have also suffered.

Click below to see Correspondent Kate Prout reporting earlier this evening in Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth:

Residents take shelter at Gorleston rest centre

Residents takes shelter at Cliff Park High School in Gorleston.

Several residents from Great Yarmouth have taken shelter at Cliff Park High School in Gorleston. Rob Shelton, who is the Headteacher at the school, started welcoming people to the centre at around 4:30pm.

He said: “We had a group of 35 people from a care home in Great Yarmouth and since then a slow trickle of people that have been coming in and there is very much a community feeling...it's going well at the moment."


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