Winter 'Wonderland' not so wonderful

Winter Wonderland scrapped after just one day after furious complaints from parents

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Calls for more regulation after Winter Wonderland complaints

The Milton Keynes Winter Wonderland was closed after one day

A Milton Keynes MP has called on the Government to consider whether more could be done to vet companies that set up Christmas fairs and festivals.

Iain Stewart told MPs he was concerned many people were left disappointed when the Winter Wonderland event in Milton Keynes was cancelled because of hundreds of complaints.


Parents disgusted by Winter Wonderland - set up their own Mini-Wonderland event

A group of parents who where disgusted that their children were disappointed by the Milton Keynes Winter Wonderland have decided to stage their own Mini-Wonderland.

It will be held on Saturday at MKIce. MKIce were not involved in the original Winter Wonderland event in Milton Keynes but have offered the opportunity for everyone who brought tickets to have a free go on their ice rink if they bring along their ticket.

The parents are also hoping to get a Santa's grotto - to be at the rink at 2:00pm and are appealing to any local business that may be able to help.

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Mother: Winter Wonderland event was 'a shambles'

A mother who took her little girl to the Winter Wonderland event for her birthday described it as a "shambles".

Lauren Smith told ITV's Daybreak: "It was a complete disappointment. We brought my daughter here for her birthday, expecting this spell-bounding and amazing, captivating experience that the website describe.

"It was a few toys, a few games, dogs in a little pen - I didn't see any reindeers - a santa's grotto that wasn't open and a tiny little ice rink that we couldn't skate around on."

Milton Keynes Council: 'The organiser of Winter Wonderland has let many families...down'

The organiser of Winter Wonderland has let many families and individuals down by not delivering the promised quality event. Milton Keynes Council Trading Standards is looking into whether offences have taken place, and if so will be taking appropriate action.

The organiser states that refunds will be given. We ask consumers to ring 08454 04 05 06 if they need advice on how to obtain a refund. You may wish to contact your bank immediately to see if they can offer any assistance.

While the organisers had previously stated the Council was supporting the event, this is not the case. We have not provided any financial or other support. As the event was on private land, the only licence provided by the Council was an alcohol licence.

– Milton Keynes Council


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