Urban myth: Dialling 999 does NOT charge your mobile

Police say they are desperate to dispel a myth that dialling 999 can boost the battery life of a mobile phone.

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Police warn dialling 999 won't charge your mobile, but these tips might...

A myth has been circulating which suggests that dialling 999 from a mobile and immediately disconnecting will charge the battery.

One force from the Anglia region says it has received numerous nuisance calls over the past six months because people believe calling the emergency number and hanging up immediately will increase the power left on their phone.

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said it simply was not true and warned the calls were taking resources away from genuine emergencies.

Here are some tips from website Wikihow on how you could make your phone battery last longer.

  • Stop searching for signal.
  • Clean the battery contacts.
  • Do not follow the method of full phone charge and discharge.
  • Switch the vibrate function off and just use the ring tone.
  • Turn off the phone's back light.
  • Avoid using unnecessary features like the camera, especially the flash.
  • Turn off bluetooth, wifi, GPS etc.
  • Turn down display brightness.
  • Avoid using video or animated pictures as a background, use a black one if possible.
  • Keep the battery cool, even put it in the fridge.


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