Space probe 'woken up' 10 years after launch

Ten years ago a robotic probe was sent into space on a very important mission - to reveal the secrets of our universe. This morning the probe was 'woken up'.

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Robotic probe 'woken up' to discover the secrets of comets

A robotic probe sent into space 10 years ago has been 'woken up'.

It was sent into space on the Rosetta mission, with the aim of landing on a comet.

Rousing it from its sleep is a key milestone in the project and an exciting time for the scientists in our region, who helped make it happen.

Dr Natalie Starkey said: "Well now we can start to do real science of the mission - comets are essentially the building blocks of our solar system, and if we can measure them, we can understand what the earth was made of, and how water got on earth and how even life started on earth."

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