Storms across the east

A trail of destruction has been left across parts of the region after storms over the weekend caused disruption to train services and roads. The high winds also caused damage to houses and property.

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Storm disruption and damage across the east

Witnesses have described the moments a ferocious storm struck parts of the region, causing disruption to transport and damage to properties.

One home owner in Essex whose house was damaged, said it was like"bowling balls hitting the roof of her house."

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Light aircraft cartwheeled down runway in strong winds

Cessna 172, is flipped over by the strong winds at Acton near Sudbury in Suffolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

Strong winds over the weekend left a trail of destruction across the east as damage was caused to property and homes.

At Acton near Sudbury in Suffolk this Cessna 172 was ripped from the ropes and weights holding it down.

The owners, Peter and Elaine Miller said. "The aircraft cartwheeled across the private landing strip before turning upside down."

Strong winds damage light aircraft Credit: ITV News Anglia


Lucky escape after lightning strike on house

Firefighters dealing with the lightning strike in Chelmsford Credit: ITV News Anglia

It was a stormy weekend across the ITV Anglia region.Firefighters in Chelmsford were called to a house on the city's St Catherine's Road which was struck by lightning. Thankfully the strike didn't cause a fire but did leave a chimney in a precarious position.

House owner Pam North said the noise was like "ten pin bowling balls" hitting the roof

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