The Anglia region's most overweight towns and cities

Three-quarters of people in some parts of England are overweight or obese, according to a new league table of the country's fattest towns and cities. For the first time, England-wide data reveals the scale of the obesity crisis.

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England's most overweight areas

New England-wide data released by Public Health England has revealed that 63.8% of adults are now obese or overweight. A breakdown of local authorities has also been released.

  • The fattest local authority area is Copeland in west Cumbria, where 75.9% of people are overweight or obese, followed by:
  • Doncaster 74.4%
  • East Lindsey in Lincolnshire 73.8%
  • Ryedale in North Yorkshire 73.7%
  • Sedgemoor in Somerset 73.4%
  • Gosport in Hampshire 72.9%
  • Castle Point in Essex 72.8%
  • Bolsover in Derbyshire 72.5%
  • County Durham 72.5%
  • Milton Keynes 72.5%

County-by-county stats on overweight people

More than 65% of people in the East of England are classed as overweight Credit: PA

More than 65% of people in the East of England are classed as overweight according to figures published by Public Health England.

Percentage classed as overweight in counties and unitary authorities in the Anglia region:

72.5% - Milton Keynes

69.1% - Central Bedfordshire

67.5% - Northamptonshire

67.3% - Essex

65.7% - Norfolk

65.5% - Peterborough

65.3% - Suffolk

65.0% - Cambridgeshire

61.8% - Hertfordshire

60.9% - Bedford

59.0% - Luton


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Body image campaigner: Obesity data 'scaremongering'

Obesity data from Public Health England is "scaremongering" and is complicit with a wider attempt to belittle fat people, a body image campaigner told Daybreak.

Fatima Parker from the International Size Acceptance Society said the weight loss industry had a lot to gain from data that painted obesity as a national problem.

"By belittling fat stigmatising us, they will scare you, who are thin. Be careful! You will be treated that way."

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Local government to play 'critical role' in obesity crisis

Local government has a "critical role" to play in the battle against obesity as it will be up to them to supply the exercise clubs needed to get people more active, a Westminster doctor told Daybreak.

Professor Kevin Fenton said local authorities would also be responsible for checking the "distribution of fast food outlets" which had grown dramatically over the last 30 years.

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