Over 40% of parents willing to pay holiday fines

More than two fifths of parents in the East would consider taking their children out of school for a holiday - despite the threat of fines.

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Council raises nearly £15,000 in school holiday fines

Parents face fines if they take their children on holiday during term time. Credit: Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/DPA.

Bedford Borough Council has issued nearly £15,000 in fines to parents who have taken their children on unauthorised holidays this school year.

ITV News asked all local authorities to provide figures for how much money had been raised as a result of the sanctions.

Bedford confirmed it had issued a total of 98 fines worth £14,820. Five families also face potential court action for non-payment.

Many parents are choosing to take the fines rather than pay to take their children on holiday during peak periods.

Today, MPs will debate the steep price rises charged by holiday companies during school breaks. A number of other local authorities have yet to respond to the request for information.


Campaign against school holiday price hikes

A parent from Essex is spearheading a campaign calling for a cap on holiday price hikes outside term times.

Peter Higgins from Southend says the difference in price is vast and he simply cannot afford to take his family away during the school holidays.

He wants to raise awareness so travel firms offer fairer prices in future.

Serena Sandhu reports.

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