HFEA will not appeal Court's decision in Beth Warren case

The HFEA says it will not appeal a ruling by the High Court to preserve Beth Warren's late husband's sperm.

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HFEA will not appeal court decision in Beth Warren case

Beth Warren Credit: ITV News Anglia

A widow from Milton Keynes who won a High Court battle to prevent her late husband's sperm being destroyed, has heard that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority or HFEA will not appeal the judgement.

Warren Brewer died from cancer two years ago and had placed his sperm in storage to give his wife the chance to have their child.

Last week 28-year old Beth Warren successfully challenged a storage time limit to give herself more time to make her decision.

Now the HFEA has said it will not appeal the judgement.


Beth Warren decision: Fertility clinic supportive of widow's fight to keep late husband's sperm

The CARE fertility clinic has offered support to a widow from Milton Keynes who wants to be allowed to have more time to decide whether to conceive a child using her dead husband's sperm.

The High Court will decide later today whether Beth Warren can keep the sperm in storage for longer than the April 2015 deadline.

The frozen sperm is currently stored at the CARE fertility clinic.

“We were very sad to hear of Beth’s situation and empathise with her plight.

CARE are totally supportive of Beth but we must work within the regulatory framework.

We hope that today’s judicial review will grant her the reassurance she needs at this very difficult time.”

– Prof. Simon Fishel, Managing Director, CARE Fertility
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